Ridiculous Study of the Day Says Smelling Farts Might Prevent Cancer


Today in Strangest Study of the Day

It has been a weird week in health news. First doctors said that Justin Bieber might save young boys’ lives (the “hip” bowl cut is actually a form of sun protection — skin cancer be gone!), and now scientists out of the University of Exeter insist that smelling farts could actually prevent cancer, among other diseases. Uh, okay.

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Crazay1344d ago


I seriously struggled with the idea of posting this but it's a serious medical study happening right now.

Crazay1344d ago (Edited 1344d ago )

Don't think my wife will have any issues if this holds to be true. She better thank me.

Crazay1344d ago

It's my Sister in laws BF.

pandehz1344d ago

Is he in a play or something?

Crazay1344d ago

@Pandehz. I'm joking.

TheSaint1344d ago

make sure you let all women know that sperm is really god for the skin, especially the facial area.

Dday0161344d ago

I call mines Dday milk

slazer1011343d ago

Mines called baby batter.

sjaakiejj1344d ago

As funny as it sounds, there might actually be some truth in this. That's not to say that farting in someone's face is going to save them from cancer, but it's not completely out the realm of possibilities that one of the gasses might have beneficial properties.

I mean we found that duck tape works against warts lol.

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