What if the Big Bang was really the “Big Bounce”?

Not so long ago, our very own Matthew Francis attended the press conference in which results were announced from Antarctic observatory BICEP 2. Researchers claimed that the instruments there had located the unmistakable signature of gravitational waves during primordial inflation—a period of time during which the Universe expanded at a furious rate.

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SJIND1469d ago

So now it is Big Bounce Theory..?

SilentNegotiator1468d ago (Edited 1468d ago )

Good luck getting most of the science community to give this (idea of the gravitational waves not being evidence of the big bang theory, but instead the "big bounce" theory) even a second's thought. Anything straying from the big bang theory (or string theory) ruffles a lot of jimmies. It's modern blasphemy. The universe was a singularity and that's that.

johny51468d ago

"The universe was a singularity and that's that"

That's not Science, that's Dogma!

thorstein1468d ago

" One neat feature of loop quantum gravity is that, when the Universe is dense, gravity becomes repulsive. This means that inflation occurs naturally and doesn't require additional physics."

But, then there is a huge problem with Black Holes being singularities in and of themselves. And the matter within them is certainly not "repulsing."