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HIV once again detected in “Functionally Cured” baby

Over a year ago, the news that a baby was “functionally cured” of HIV spread across the Internet life wildfire, bringing a lot of hope for other newborns that are infected with the life-changing virus. Unfortunately for the “Mississippi Baby”, just after two years of not taking the antiretroviral drugs, doctors have found detectable levels of HIV in the child’s bloodstream.

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cabbitwithscissors1415d ago

The scientists can't even cure herpes and eradicate it from the patient, so what makes them think that they can do it for HIV ?

Crazay1415d ago

I heard you can get rid of herpes by just jerking it out.

Guitardr851415d ago


You're absolutely right! I wish all visionaries shared your approach to progress..."There's other problems out there, so why try to fix this one?"

SilentNegotiator1415d ago

I had a bad feeling this wasn't going to pan out.

cyclindk1415d ago

I could cure it... easily.

"Scientists" and other organizations are simply too close-minded.

Cryptcuzz1415d ago

Eradication of all infected is a good reason why they should be closed minded :D

cyclindk1415d ago (Edited 1415d ago )

That's only an EXTREME measure, but you and THEY are right to disregard such a "solution." But there are many, many roads to a solution. Sadly, most, if not all, roads are at the mercy of funding.

A multifaceted approach:

(top three target a reduction in the propagation/transmission of the virus/s) all tiers of the approach working in tandem toward the elimination of the associated disease altogether, or at the very least reducing the levels of occurrence to a negligible state

- improved screening
- preventative medicine
- education (of the public)
- and many non-traditional methods of attacking the pathogens directly and indirectly as the case may be

The aspects of this method to do with the prevention, i.e. inhibiting the overall propagation of the strain, cannot be overlooked.

Examining the host organism and the time and place they inhabit, their habits (culture/life), et cetera are all intrinsic in understanding the success of the any virus among a population. HIV hasn't succeeded as well as it has for just any reason. Vectors associated with the transmission are one element, which if taken by itself and applying preventative measures, would have an immense impact all on its own.

diesoft1415d ago (Edited 1415d ago )

It's hard to have any kind of optimism for this stuff. For the simple fact that somebody can realistically wonder if a drug company has already cured cancer (not to mention other diseases) but won't release a cure because it's more profitable to treat the disease than to cure it. Nobody should ever be okay with that type of thinking but more than a few of us know how evil man can be and when it comes to man's money.

Yeah, that's conspiracy theory stuff but look at our (the U.S.'s) healthcare system we've had! Would you EVER in your LIFE think it's a good idea to put our health in the hands of a for-profit company? To ever have the option of being denied for life-saving treatments? Does that even make sense?!

awiseman1415d ago

Yea because the government has done so much better...