You can get LG's flagship G3 on Verizon next week for $99 on contract


Historically, Verizon's not often the first carrier in the US to announce availability for a new phone. In the case of LG's latest flagship smartphone, the G3, it's actually the last. But good things come to those who wait -- and are willing to sign two-year contracts: Big Red's version of the G3 will go for $99 when you sign the dotted line. This is $100 less than AT&T's on-contract price. Pre-orders start today and will ship out on July 17th. There's no special discount for Edge customers or for those who want to buy the phone outright, however: it'll be $30 per month or $600, respectively.

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Crazay1472d ago

In canada it'll likely be $249 with a 2yr contract and highly anemic data caps for way too much money