What Happens after Sony Xperia Z2 Encased in a Block of Ice for 12 Hours? (VIDEO)

A guy under the name of Nixanbal on YouTube decided to try the Xperia Z2 with some test beyond your imagination. He put one Xperia Z2 smartphone in a big container, adding three glasses of ice, a few slices of lemon, lime, and some strawberries, top with water until the whole container is full.

Guess what? After that, he put the container with Xperia Z2 in refrigerator for around 12 hours. As a result, the poor smartphone was encased in a solid block of ice.However, when the guy called the Xperia Z2, it not only survived from this icy ordeal, but it even gave off some pretty lighting effects.

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bahabeast1470d ago

this is niiice. i love sony phones but they dnt even ship those to bahamas everyone is apple and samsung. i think i will ship in one of these i like it.