SLI and Crossfire in the Same PC

Did you ever think of running two AMD graphics cards and two Nvidia graphics cards running at the same time? In the same computer? Do you think this is ridiculous? And yes, its ridiculous just because it is. As we all know that Nvidia have their own exclusive technologies like G-SYNC and PhysX and AMD also have their own exclusive technologies like Mantle and TrueAudio. So in this PC build, we putted both companies graphics cards in one single PC, so that the user could enjoy all of the technologies from both vendors.

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Crazay1473d ago

Can you say...silly and overkill?

LordPotato1473d ago

LoL.. Overkill overloaded. xD

UltraNova1472d ago over NINE THOUSAND!!

s45gr321472d ago

This is completely insane, shame can't use both AMD and NVIDIA in the same game. The gamer must choose between AMD or NVIDIA.

I_AM_ CANADIAN_19891472d ago

Wouldn't have to switch power cables around if they switched out the 4770k with 4930k and a asus maximus iv extreme black edition and evga supernova 1300G2. But yeah might be a heat problem would prob want corsair 900D with two 360mm rads, 24v pwm Laing d5 pump and custom watercooling set up.