Germany downs Brazil, just as Cortana predicted – she is now 13-0

With today’s embarrassing 1-7 loss for the Brazilian team, the European football powerhouse Germany has advanced to the World Cup finals – just as Cortana predicted. Cortana gets to keep her World Cup prediction streak alive, now standing at a solid 13-0.

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Crazay1256d ago

I just want them to bring Cortana to my Android.

Speed-Racer1256d ago

I can't wait for it to tell me more obvious odds! Soon it will tell me that one day I'm gonna die!

SilentNegotiator1255d ago

"Cortana, will the sun rise in the East today?"

MrOlympia741256d ago

This streak is pretty darn impressive! If Cortana gets tomorrows match right then Everyone is gonna want to know what she thinks about the Final

jguzmanr811256d ago

Lets face it - if Brazil had won it wouldn't have been an upset no matter what. With or without Neymar

blacktiger1255d ago

first of all it was obvius Germany was going to win! Secondly it has to be Argentina!

darren_poolies1255d ago

If it was so obvious, why didn't you gather all the money you possibly could and but a bet on it? I know why, because nothing is "obvious" in football, you're only saying that now because they won.

sjaakiejj1255d ago

It was pretty obvious Germany was going to win. I would've been impressed if Cortana had predicted a 7-1 win.

proudly_X1255d ago (Edited 1255d ago )

Can Cortana tell me when the world is gona end?. The Mayans failed us.. 2012 :v

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The story is too old to be commented.