Brazil Bandits Steal $36 Million of Samsung Phones, Computers


Bandits attacked a Samsung Electronics Co Ltd factory near Sao Paulo late Sunday and held workers hostage while they robbed truckloads of smartphones, tablets and notebook computers that police valued at $36 million.

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Crazay1470d ago

That's bloody obscene.

proudly_X1470d ago

Its weird! I can't believe a group of thugs could really hold a Samsung factory workers hostage and rob a F---king $36million.. Wow. Words fail me!

Gezmoyassine1469d ago

I guess not all Brazilians had WORLD CUP on the brain.

Trunkz Jr1469d ago

This is why Brazil got their @ss handed to them by Germany, it's called Karma.

ironfist921469d ago

Even robbers know Apple products arent worth stealing.

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