Confirmed: Voyager 1 in Interstellar Space


New data collected by NASA's Voyager 1 spacecraft have helped scientists confirm that the far-flung probe is indeed cruising through interstellar space, the researchers say.

Voyager 1 made headlines around the world last year when mission scientists announced that the probe had apparently left the heliosphere — the huge bubble of charged particles and magnetic fields surrounding the sun — in August 2012.

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Crazay1415d ago

NASA has had some absolutely spectacular results with some of these probes and devices.

Software_Lover1414d ago

I just don't understand why they turned the camera off. Surely it didn't use that much energy.

Jrmy841407d ago

Just wow! Blows my mind the things we as a nation accomplished. Here NASA signed a deal with Boeing to build a football field size rocket to take us to Mars. Can't wait, JFK's mind would be blown.