Kinect for Windows v2 is $200 – Why it’s a deal

Now the first thing on everyone’s mind is going to be, “Why is it $200 when it only took off $100 from the Kinect-less Xbox One? Why is there a $100 price difference?” Power Leveled attempts to explain these questions and why the new Kinect sensor is actually a better deal than the previous sensor.

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JoeIsMad1471d ago

I'm not sure that it's a great deal, but it might be handy with the Windows 8 interface. My Leap Motion does a lot of what this can do.

Stevefantisy1471d ago

That's a decent value but $200 is a bit much for a convenience tool.

ROQFrost1470d ago

Kinect is lame no one cares VR is the future.

JoeIsMad1470d ago

I don't think that VR is the future. The only thing VR brings to the table is the ability to re-map the left joystick, or look around on Mount Everest without being cold.

thehitman1470d ago

It only took 100 off of the xb1 because MS doesnt want people to actually know how much the box is worth and how much inferior it is to the PS4. Also shows their incompetence in releasing them together for 200 more. I thought it was only about 150 but 200?? Think they are marking it up now to make up for lost revenue.

JoeIsMad1470d ago

I'm not sure that the markup is to make up for the Xbone, but it's surely too high to pay for the Kinect on the PC. It hasn't got the support that the Xbox One COULD use it for, and in this gen, it won't even have that which it enjoyed on the Xbox 360.

Magnus7011470d ago

It'd be nice if you read the article or informed yourself before because it would have answered your statements. It also includes the total cost per Xbox One (plus Kinect) in the sources. Which is $471 if you were wondering. A total retail markup of $28 (since it's $499) per unit. Also, the previous Kinect for Windows based off of the 360 sensor was and is $250 retail. The new version 2 is $200. Also, these units are for use with the Kinect for Windows SDK. The price difference is mainly just to cover licensing costs in the back end.

But all you saw was that you love PS4 over logic.

thehitman1470d ago

Sorry but the article states nothing and is just saying hey its cheaper than its predecessor so its a good deal. The spin on this shit is so bad that saps like you read it and say hey that makes sense.

The Kinect sensor from their article with no source says it costed about 57 to make. It retailed for $150 an almost 100 dollar mark up is not a deal, so how is a 125 dollar mark up a deal with the Kinectv2. Idiots like you is why MS gets away with this shit. SDKs should be free on windows, this is a rip off, but maybe thats my PS4 love logic talking. I will take my cheaper, more powerful and efficient PS4 and be happy.

underseaglider1470d ago

Kinect is one of the most happening and latest products launched by Microsoft. It is replacing the touch technology with gesture recognition technology.

rocketpanda1470d ago

It is so happening that MS had to change from it being mandatory to optional. Must be because they want to give consumers choice rather than it trailing in sales.

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