TSA requires passengers from “certain countries” turn on their cellphones before boarding flights

If you’re flying into the United States, depending on where you’re flying from, the TSA may require that passengers traveling on non-stop flights from certain destinations, turn on their electronic devices (including cellphones) at the security checkpoint (in the respective foreign country).

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Revvin1472d ago

I can understand why but this really is not going to stop a determined plot. What's stopping them from stripping out the HDD and re-routing a USB cable internally to run off a USB pen drive or even boot from CD? Or remove the DVD drive completely and install a shaped charge to blow the side of a plane out? Business class is usually high up around the back or beneath the cockpit.

Speed-Racer1472d ago (Edited 1472d ago )

TSA is a waste of time. They've thrown out more of grandma's juju beans than find any real bombs. Everything they do seems misguided and excessive.

spartanlemur1472d ago

The NSA are now probably monitoring your internet usage after that comment. :D

Sketchy_Galore1472d ago

Oh the poor people of Oppositeland, will their oppression never end?

dota2champion1472d ago

Can't they just find bombs through scanners?

MajorGecko1471d ago

scanners are not racist enough to detect these "bombs"