Psychedelic mushrooms can have permanent and positive effects on the brain, says study

Psychedelic drugs have been around for a very long time but scientists are only now researching its effects and potential benefits. A new study has found that psychedelic drugs have very similar effects on our mind when we are dreaming.

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christian hour1475d ago

I could've told them that, but it's nice to see some actual studies being done on this stuff, I've always wanted to understand the science behind it.

fr0sty1474d ago

LOL at them suggesting psilocybin was what gave LSD its hallucinogenic properties. LSD can do that just fine on its own... it is a chemical, not a substance that contains chemicals that make you trip like a mushroom.

fr0sty1474d ago

Psilocybin = psychoactive component of mushrooms. LSD = lysergic acid diethylimide 25, aka LSD.

The two have nothing to do with each other besides both being hallucinogens. One is not found inside the other.

ChrisW1473d ago

"LOL at them suggesting psilocybin was what gave LSD its hallucinogenic properties."

I've read and re-read the article and cannot find such misinformation. You either misread or you simply didn't read.

fr0sty1473d ago

They have since corrected it.

ChrisW1475d ago (Edited 1475d ago )

OH! NO! NO! NO!!!

There's no way in hell that you could get me in an MRI machine while I'm on psychedelics! Those things are anxiety inducers for even the sober mind.

IRetrouk1475d ago

I would give it a go......... in the name of science obviously lol

Audiggity1474d ago


I didn't even think about that... man, that would be quite a trip. Probably seems like you are in there forever.

I bet the people were in the MRI machine thinking crazy $hit like "When I get out of here... what will be left of the world?"

And... if any of them watched the Walking Dead/26 Days Later... even a tiny thought bubbling up of "zombies" would immediately convince you that an outbreak was occurring during your MRI.