Cortana is 12-0 and predicts Germany and Argentina to play for the World Cup final

Cortana has been on a major roll lately, successfully predicting the last 12 winners in the World Cup matches. With today’s matches complete and The Netherlands and Argentina coming out on top, just as Cortana predicted, her record now stands at an unprecedented, perfect 12-0.

The Dutch fans will not be too pleased to hear what Cortana predicts for their team in the upcoming semi-final match.

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TechImperia1419d ago

Its time you get windows phone bookies

crxss1418d ago

I don't get a phone for a personal assistant. Though if windows phone's interface didn't look the way it does I'd get one for the camera

MrOlympia741419d ago

Go Cortana! I wonder what the record is? But if Germany and Argentina make it to there finals ill do a back flip

jguzmanr811419d ago

I don't know what's more exciting - the games themselves or Cortana's streak! Machine learning at its best :)

pickle12341418d ago

I was rooting for Holland but now I want Argentina to win so I can see how far Cortana streak goes. lol

sjaakiejj1418d ago

I predict Cortana will be wrong on this one.

sjaakiejj1415d ago

Guess she was better at predictions than me haha

blacktiger1418d ago (Edited 1418d ago )

what Contrana can do is pretty much what gamblers can do. They got by numbers. It's pretty normal for gamblers with odds. Honestly I knew Germany was going to win. But this is how cansino and lottery gives odds when betting.

So don't be suprise, I can imagine how Google would be. Perfection? I wouldn't be suprise, with realtime injury on players and so on. But if anyone to be a king of sports prediciton, it's got to be Yahoo!

pickle12341418d ago

What are you talking about? What does Yahoo have to offer?

steven83r1418d ago

It's not just what gamblers do that Cortana does. Cortana looks at history stats, as well as current players stats, and weather which i'm sure most gamblers don't look into when thinking how the Germans or Holland can handle to climate differences from their countries. She is more accurate but anything goes anything can happen. We have see what Germany and Holland are capable of. We have yet to see what Argentina can do once they wake up. I think we will see that against Holland.

blacktiger1418d ago (Edited 1418d ago )

what the hell are you talking about. People live of gambling just like they do with stocks.
People buy & sell within seconds to minutes, by speculating from history to future, and same goes for all sports gambling. People bet. You don't believe me? Go to any gambling sites, you will see the odds from one side so expensive to bet on vs very low, and then when you hear some players got injury and what not, the odds changes so quickly and gamlbers react fast before it changes too!

This happens everywhere, and yes there are addiction to gamblers who are bad and good. Trust me, you have no idea how crazy gamblers are on sports and stocks. Watch the documentry, you'll be laughing your ass off after learning that this is pretty much similar to Cortana. Now as far as Yahoo goes, Yahoo has the most vast data of sports than Microsoft and Google put together. Just so you know I'm a Google user, very heavily on Google.

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The story is too old to be commented.