How many gigabytes does it take to make a human?

How much information is stored inside a human? Not as much as you think. All you need is a mere 1.5 gigabytes to fit your entire genetic code. Veritasium did the math in his latest brain tapping video and cooked up that number using bits to understand the molecules that make up a person's genetic code.

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Settler1476d ago

I've wondered this for years

thehitman1476d ago

He left out the most important part... quantifying the data of the human brain. It is kind of weird seeing this video the day after I watched the movie transcendence.

Soldierone1476d ago

Science has had the genetic code stored for some time now. Almost 90 percent of that is useless fluff though, only about 3 percent is needed to actually physically make a human. Look up genome sequencing, it's interesting.

Where a lot of data is needed is the human brain, which is MUCH larger than this. It also needs to be able to process all that data at a fast rate.

jcjven191475d ago

2 Soldierone

yes 8s true that the 90% of genetic code are unknown but it does not mean it is useless.

2pacalypsenow1475d ago

why dont we focus on getting 4k movies in blu ray first....

konnerbllb1475d ago

Physical media is dying. Why don't we focus on getting gigabit internet and stop the bottlenecks first.

2pacalypsenow1474d ago (Edited 1474d ago )

Because a blu ray has better picture and sound quality than digital and if we are barely at 50 mbits for everyday day users you think in the next 5-6 years we are gonna have 1gbit in enough homes to go 100% digital with movies 100+ gb? Lol broadband has been popular since at least 2001 , 13 years later and the avg is still 8 mbits.... Physical is here to stay for a while longer