99% of the plastic we throw in the ocean has mysteriously disappeared

Though plastic was invented in the 1800s, it was really only around 1950 that the human-plastic love affair took off. And boy did it—the nearly 2 million tonnes (2.2 million tons) of plastic produced in 1950 had surged twentyfold in just two decades.

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Settler1293d ago

No doubt its eaten by sea creatures :)

ajax171293d ago (Edited 1293d ago )

Here's a nice companion video.

nikrel1293d ago

Wtf are we throwing our trash in the ocean for?

pwnsause_returns1293d ago

During the search of flight 370, one thing i realized from watching on the TV is the amount of trash that was in the ocean while looking for the damn plane and trying to compare these object to see if they came from the plane... thats very disturbing...

S2Killinit1293d ago

LMAO exactly, i think that point is getting lost in here.

umarsrao1287d ago

They have to get rid of the waste, so they find it easy and economical to dump it into the oceans!

mydyingparadiselost1293d ago (Edited 1293d ago )

Humans make plastic, humans throw away plastic, fish eat plastic, humans eat fish. Enjoy your dinner.

IndoAssassin1293d ago

Jurassic Park? Karma? Irony?

Tzuno1293d ago

lol it is collected by "smart people" that can make money even from a rock.

Captain Qwark 91293d ago

hmmmmm, pretty sure creatures come from a portal under the ocean and prob collect it. once they have gathered enough and used it to build various weapons and what not they will rise from the sea and attack.... either that or those from Atlantis are using it for building materials

Rute1293d ago

Very detailed and interesting hypothesis, bubbles for you.

I think that the abominable Cthulhu is chewing on the plastics while thinking about ways to produce eldritch horrors and frightful vistas upon the unsuspecting mankind.

cyclindk1293d ago

When's the next episode?

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The story is too old to be commented.