Major 3D Printed Organ Breakthrough: Vascular Networks Achieved

Bio-printing promises to change the way the medical community deals with organ failure. Every year hundreds of thousands of people die because they could not receive an organ transplant soon enough. The demand for organs-1donor organs far exceeds the supply, leaving helpless patients in a state that no one should have to be left in… waiting to live.

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TechImperia1478d ago

waiting for it to be available for general people use

ZoyosJD1478d ago

Indeed, my mother's kidneys failed about 2 years ago. I'm not sure if I'll see a headline or she'll get a phone call first. It'll be a long wait either way.

Tzuno1478d ago

this should be low cost and helping everyone but i doubt it, well i can understand the medic doing the surgery i mean the surgery price but not the price of the artificial organ.

FamilyGuy1478d ago

Random thought: The price of harvested black market organs will drop drastically if/when this is achieved.

I never imagined that 3D printing would be taken to this level. Seems so si-fi

SilentNegotiator1478d ago (Edited 1478d ago )

Time for a going out of business sale.

Sir, how would you like an appendix for cheap? lol

Ol_Boy1478d ago

And after the 3d printed organs comes 3d printed humans.

OT. This is amazing news. I Never imagined this to possible. It Would be awesome to be able to save so many lives with this technology.

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