Earin Will Be the Only Headphones that Matter in 2015

Tech Analyzer:

"Earin is slated to be the worlds smallest commercial Bluetooth headphone. Most only eliminate the cords between the headphones and the phone; there still remained the wired connection between the speakers. On the other hand, Earin has absolutely no chords."

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Devil-X1480d ago

that's a strong statement

Strongfist361479d ago (Edited 1479d ago )

Beats will always have their market. Money wise, expect them to continue dominating. But the Earin will do well. It won't be as great as the larger connected headphones in terms of sound quality, but it's a trade off I think a lot of people will be willing to deal with.

More so that the ear buds can hardly be seen from a distance, as a college student, I'd pop these bad boys in when in a lecture where the only time i learn is from reading the material and just vibe ^__^

ArtificiallyYours1479d ago

Having an unobtrusive design with earbuds is essential in my opinion. This is the wireless era of electronics, after all.