You’ll need 165Mbps internet in just 6 years, study finds

Google Fiber is an incredible consumer internet service — currently the best, by far — but, as the rest of the country routinely laments, it’s barely available anywhere. The service doesn’t seem to roll out to new areas quickly enough, and that’s a terrible shame, because a new study suggests that your puny $50 per month 30Mbps speed offered by your basically-a-monopoly ISP isn’t going to cut it in just six years. You’ll need over five times the speed by 2020. We’re all doomed.

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TechImperia1484d ago

This is my present need. add at least 20% P.A to this for calculating my future need.

Coolhand0071484d ago

I'd be happy if Comcrap would just life their cap...

SilentNegotiator1483d ago

Isn't their cap like, 300GB and they almost never enforce it?

I know they just doubled their speeds to like, 100-150 Mbps in some areas recently. Given an entire 6 more years, I think they will be fine in that regard. But they had better make some changes in they don't want to get overthrown by other providers.

Coolhand0071483d ago

It's 300GB and it's easier than you think to hit depending on what devices you use. Chromecast, Pandora, Netflix, etc... it all ads up.

You get 3 "passes" for going over, and after that you get charged for overages ever time you go over. There's a bit more to it, but that's the gist of it.

I've hit it twice without even trying hard since they implemented it in my area earlier this year. Mainly Netflix, Pandora and Gaming.

SilentNegotiator1483d ago

Well, at ~4.7GB/hr with 1080p streaming, I guess it would only take 2 and a quarter of streaming a day to hit the cap.

I guess you're right, 300GB is kind of low when you look at it. It's 2014 and people should be expected to be able to stream all of their TV watching.

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kingjosh18761483d ago

What exactly will that speed be needed for... What the do the common people need it for? people downloading games and such with increasingly bigger file-sizes I can see.

johny51483d ago

Where the heck do you get 30MBbps per month for $50?

I pay almost $80 for 25Mbps from Crapcast....

Linwelin1483d ago

I only pay £40 for 152Mbps tv and phone

johny51483d ago

Well I'm stuck in PA, maybe I need to move?

TechImperia1483d ago

At least you can have 25 Mbps speed

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