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Avegant Glyph: hands-on with the headphone/virtual retinal display that's about to hit Kickstarter

If CES 2014 has any say, our eyes are the next frontier of wearables and display tech. Oculus Rift, Google Glass, and a raft of new augmented and projected-display products will all fight for your precious retinas. Count the Avegant Glyph in the mix, which launches its Kickstarter campaign on January 22.

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TechImperia1485d ago

Wear Goole Glass - Alien 1
Wear Avegant Glyph - Alien 2

Alien 3 in the works somewhere?

neoragex1483d ago

why can't someone make one of these that allow a person with macular degeneration to watch tv? the closeness to the eye might make it possible for that person to see a tv.

Sahil1483d ago

Watching porn will never be the same.