A Glance On Processor Lithography

We often hear about the term Lithography when looking or talking about a Processor (Whether CPU or GPU) specially when the take look on a processor's specifications we are sure to watch Lithography which is usually measured in Nanometers (nm) nowadays (Previously it was measured in Micrometers). But most of the people don't know what exactly Lithography is? Here we will take a glance on Lithography to understand what it really is.
Actually the word Lithography is derived from Greek work Lithos which means stone and Graphia which means writing. So, Lithography is a process in which transistors and circuits are integrated (Written) on a Silicon Chip (Stone) to create a MicroProcessor.

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ZoyosJD1480d ago

I would consider this to be a halfway decent article and and OK "glance". Not sure who wrote this, but I would like to see something like this in a fully formed state or linked to more detailed explanations throughout.

There is a fair bit of the process outlined, but the description is still very general (terminology like "complicated" popping up). Huge error comparing 1/3 of an inch with 3-5 cm which really stands out when talking about the nm scale.

Speaking of which the scale should be emphasized, most people don't really think about how this process is being achieved on a scale an order of magnitude smaller than visible light or only a few thousand atoms per transistor while complaining about how things are slowing down.

Photos and diagrams for examples would much improve overall quality. Still, it is better than some of the articles coming out of that site.

GTXZME1479d ago

Thanks for the feedback :)