17 Quality Alternatives to MS Word

With MS Word available on all platforms, it seems like this word processing program is the best you can get for your writing needs. It loads quickly, saves files in multiple platforms, and lets you transfer coding directly into the template you might be building. The one down side to MS Word is its cost: you either need to buy the software outright or have an Office 365 home subscription and both at $74.99. Instead of spending all that cash, here are some low-cost alternatives to MS Word that work just as well.

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TechImperia1480d ago

Word doesn't have any real alternative as far as I thinks

SilentNegotiator1479d ago (Edited 1479d ago )

If only because they lock down and lawyer up on their file types hard so that you can't seek any alternatives when using it for school or business (which they've spent a lot nearly monopolizing in).

KingPin1480d ago

i prefer libreOffice to openOffice.
mostly coz it gets updated much more regularly. dont have to wait forever for bug fixes.

GameSpawn1480d ago

That's because the people who originally developed OpenOffice are actively developing LibreOffice. LibreOffice was created after Oracle bought out OpenOffice. Apparently there were quite a few OpenOffice programers that were very anti-Oracle which ultimately led to the creation of LibreOffice.

neoragex1480d ago

SSuite has been brilliant for me, for the past few years.

ngecenk1479d ago

i've been trying to promote Google Docs on my office, but most keep returning to MS Word. yet i noticed they probably use about 10% of it's capability, which is also available at google docs.