Turning "virtual" reality into an everyday reality

Imagine the feeling of actually existing in a virtual space -- that's the true potential of virtual reality.

It's the technology that the University of Southern California's Institute for Creative Technologies has been working on for a few years now. The lab is at the forefront of virtual reality, a tech fantasy many say is virtually around the corner.

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neoragex1480d ago

Another excuse for people to withdraw from reality, and just make things worse overall. Of course as lame as this reality has become it is probably just someone else's lame reality game.

Sahil1480d ago

This has far more implications than just for gaming. Any technology can be used for good or bad. But imagine you want to learn a new language . . . lets take Ancient Greek, for example, which would prove to be difficult in nearly any environment. But suppose you could experience a VR environment that simulates living in that time and being surrounded by the language . . . perhaps even with an interpreter that helps you . . . . This type of technology has huge possibilities.