Cheating In Online Games Leads To Arrests In Japan

Game cheats form a good percentage of users in the online gaming community which has constantly forced game developers and publishers to finding new ways to curb their behavior.

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SilentNegotiator1451d ago

I don't entirely hate the idea. Maybe civil action would be better, but doing this sort of thing should have legal consequences.

It ruins the experience for others, who will in turn not purchase additional games/add-ons; a particularly harmful consequence for F2P games where they need people to continually return and spend money.

DivineHand1251451d ago

I disagree with the author of the article about how its the developers responsibility to prevent cheaters from using third party tools to exploit the game. There are probably thousands of applications being created with the sole purpose of allowing players to cheat in these online games and there is no way developers can safe guard against all of them.

This kind of thing should be enforced in every country on the planet. I don't believe they should be given jail time. Instead they should given a fine similar to a traffic ticket. No Serious gamer wan't to see cheaters online and measures outside of banning should be put in place as a deterrent. There should also be something that prevents game developers/publishers from making their games pay to win.

Kurylo3d1450d ago (Edited 1450d ago )

I hate cheaters, but cmon... the law has no business getting envolved with how people use their gaming software. If they want to take the time to run some cheats then that is their buisness. its up to the software developers to prevent it programming wise.

There is nothing illegal about cheating in a video game. The mere thought of it being illegal is both laughable and rediculous. Companies and corporations cant make up their own laws to punish people that dont go along with their buisness model. They can ban them from playing their games. They can cut them from their service. But they can't have them arrested.

If thats happening in japan right now... then the police department in japan really must have crime to such low levels that they are bored as hell. Either they are very commendable for wiping out all crime .. or that country is becoming a scary scary place by telling people what they can and cant do with their own software installations. Or the police force just has some very retarded people on it.

SilentNegotiator1450d ago (Edited 1450d ago )

But they aren't just altering their own software...they're disrupting the use of other persons' software and in public servers. If they want to hack their own game and play in private servers, fine, but they're interrupting business for their childish intangible gains.

I agree with DivineHand125 that this sort of malicious activity needs a fine.

sjaakiejj1450d ago (Edited 1450d ago )

They're using flaws in an entertainment product for personal gains. I hate cheaters as much as the next guy, but I don't think the law has any business getting involved here.

If we want to use the law to stop people from hurting each other or hurting each others enjoyment, we should not be hypocrites and also make cheating (in relationships), party poopers and most food corporations (for the fact they're destroying the lives and enjoyment of people in third world countries) illegal.

SilentNegotiator1450d ago (Edited 1450d ago )

"using flaws in an entertainment product"? We aren't talking about glitches, we're talking about hacking. You can't just maliciously disrupt business like that without consequences.

"If we want to use the law to stop people from hurting each other or hurting each others enjoyment"

Business. They're not just disrupting someone's fun, they're wasting the company's time, servers, and chasing off customers for thoroughly childish endeavors. It's a F2P game; every ruined match is a potential for lost profit.

"we should not be hypocrites and also make cheating (in relationships), party poopers and most food corporations"

Infidelity is entirely an issue between a couple. If it causes a couple to divorce, the scorned lover winds up with a MASSIVE piece of the settlement.
Party poopers? I don't think you realize that just because it's a video game, that doesn't mean that they aren't disrupting a business.
We have laws to keep corporations in check in the first world, so, not really a hypocrisy that a third world country doesn't do one thing while a first world country looks to do something entirely different.

sjaakiejj1450d ago

It's an entertainment product, nothing more. Just because someone does something to interrupt your fun or enjoyment during the game does not mean they should go to jail.

They're wasting the companies time and servers? That's really not a legal issue. That's an investment risk.

Kurylo3d1449d ago (Edited 1449d ago )

Whats next? Having over 60 fps clearly gives u an advantage over most 25-35 fps players. Maybe we should send them to jail for buying better graphics cards. Cause it clearly makes the software better for them on their side.... just like a cheat ... lol Call it the fps cheat lol...

And for those people saying they are disrupting buisness.. i ask u what business are they disrupting? By capping teenagers easier in an online video game? lol... by giving themselves an advantage in a video game that has no effect on the outcome of that game one way or the other.. win or lose...

I mean seriously... even if they one is hurt... might make people annoyed... but last i checked i can still annoy people and get away with it. Thats not a law.

If they want to keep their customers, they should have people find the hacks and counter them. Punkbuster seems to work great for most pc games. Thats actually kind of funny now that i mention that.

By bringing in the law.. you are infact disrupting punkbusters buisness model. You would be trying to kill a business. Interesting notion... so now the law gets to decide?

I mean for F**s sake, should we now send people to jail for talking during a movie in a movie theatre instead of banning them from the theatre? Because its the same thing. You can ban cheaters from servers.

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proudly_X1450d ago

You are really on point Kurylo3d, it is absolutely pointless to have a law in that regard. Gaming is all but fun and politicians who don't know what it's all about should push laws that makes absolutely no sense..

Kurylo3d1449d ago (Edited 1449d ago )

Its like i mentioned above.... Whats next? Sending people to jail for talking during a movie in a movie theatre instead of just kicking them from the theatre like u would from a server?

Its the same thing. Careful.... dude was texting too during the movie... maybe he should get an extra year in the hole.