iPhone 6 vs LG G3 – The upcoming smartphone battle of the year

"Two of the most impressive devices to ever grace the smartphone market will go in a head-to-head battle later this year"

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pressjudge1487d ago

I think the winner will be iPhone 6, and saying this from an Android fan perspective, but the LG with this G3 model showed the world that they are in for the top prize for best smartphone.

Minimoth1487d ago

It's hard to say for certain at this point, but the iPhone 6 seems to be a little inferior to the LG G3. I guess we'll only know for sure once we learn some more solid details about its specs.

Coolhand0071487d ago

I think the G3 will be a better device, but the iPhone 6 is going to outsell everything. Apple fans have been waiting for a bigger device, and they're going to pull in some Android users as well due to the bigger displays.

kevnb1486d ago

depends on how you define better, only android phones that can compete are the htc one line so far imo.

Speed-Racer1486d ago

There are a few speculated 5.5 inch displays coming out on Android later this year. However, aren't we going to reach that point where screens are simply too big? I have a 4.7 inch display and it's somewhat annoying at times (added to the fact I have a bumper case), so I can imagine how clunky a 5.5 inch phone may be, unless it's really tall.

colonel1791485d ago (Edited 1485d ago )

I really don't get why a 5.5 or 5.7 phone exists? It's too big, and unless you are Shaquile O'Neil (sp), it's way too big. My mother has the Galaxy Note 3, and every time I use it, it's just way too big! I don't know why she likes it.

However, I have an iPhone 4S and when I got it (was my first iPhone) it felt big, but now, it seems too small. I don't know if it's because I see the Note 3 every day, but somehow it got smaller. I think the 4.7 is going to be the right size. Something bigger is too big, and you should have very big hands to "justify" it.

Also, have you realized that there was a picture when the iPad mini was announced, making fun on how the iPones were getting bigger, and how the iPads were getting smaller? Whoever made that picture, turned out to be right! LOL

Speed-Racer1485d ago

You're quite right! I'm looking to upgrade to whatever the next Nexus is but the 5.5 inch thing has me worried.

WheatBread1485d ago

More like iphone 6 vs Note 4

theshredded1485d ago

LG 3 by a long shot,because LG G2 has mopped the floor with Iphone 5s so I expect the same.Anyways, Xperia series easily has the best design in phones therefore I'll always go with that

TechImperia1484d ago

That's hilarious iPhone has not announced yet and people are taking it as winner.....