3D Printing is Fast Becoming a Hot Hobby Among Consumers

Maximum PC: Have you considered buying a 3D printer? Maybe you poked around but got spooked by the price tags. 3D printing is a relatively new thing in the consumer sector, and even many of the lower priced models are still cost prohibitive. Be that as it may, there's definitely interest in the category. According to Canalys, 3D printing is gaining significant traction among consumers thanks in part to several crowdfunded efforts.

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neoragex1479d ago

I heard those Spools of plastic to feed the 3D printer cost about $50 each. More if they glow in the dark or are UV. I want a 3D printer than can use the shredded plastic from all those Water and Soda bottles people be throwing away so I can refill it for free.

Sahil1479d ago

How about some coverage on what we're looking at and stuff? I know Printing isn't really as exciting as the newest greatest graphics card putting out petatexels or the latest CPU running Prime95 for 3 days on 30% OC at 5 GHZ on air, but there are those of us who'd like a nice article explaining the "What's What" of the 3D printing world.