PhoneArena- Motorola Moto 360 hands-on

Alas, while Motorola graced us with a presence to look at their beautiful smartwatch, the Moto 360, the reps were mum on all details about the device.

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Strongfist361152d ago

It looks so big in the picture.

Coolhand0071152d ago

Whoever that is in the pic has to have chick wrists. No way it's actually that big on a normal-sized human arm.

Raf1k11151d ago (Edited 1151d ago )

Probably. You can see in other pics where it's being held in the hand that it doesn't look as big.

Very cool looking smart watch though. For once it actually looks like the kind of concept designs we see on the web.

I wonder how often it'll need charging.

Coolhand0071151d ago

Dunno, but it'll have wireless charging. Definitely come in handy...

neoragex1148d ago

I still don't want smartwatch and don't feel any need for it. In my opinion it is still better and more solid to have good, expensive mechanical watch.

Sahil1148d ago

The only smart watch I would buy but, I also think it's just a gimmick and wearable tech is not the future in my eyes. Sure there are more expensive watches that aren't smart but they are usually fitted with precious stones.

neoragex1148d ago

Don't you need a Motorola device for that?

Sahil1148d ago

I'm thinking of getting one this july.

neoragex1148d ago

Liking the idea of these watches, but I do think the circular Moto one will be the one for me if I'll get one. That form factor looks a lot more yummy

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