Apple iPod touch gets new models and a price cut

"Now you can get the device for $199, still a bit expensive but at least it’s cheaper than before. More importantly, the 16GB iPod touch now comes with the 5MP iSight rear-facing camera that was previously only available on the other two versions."

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neoragex1697d ago

Hey guys look .. the same exact thing as the other ipod with not much features for 200-600$ go out and buy it LOL apple is such a rip off smh they should just stick to laptops and desktops.. It's sad how people give In every year to buy the same thing over and over lol but OH WELL who am I to even judge right? -_-

Sahil1697d ago

I wonder how many face palms this caused for people who just bought the "older" 16 GB model 30 days ago.. 199 is a great price for a 5th gen tho!