iPhone 6 to come in two variants; iPhablet featuring OIS and 128GB option

Techprezz: There have already been reports about the two models of iPhone 6 before and the new report appeared on a Chinese site Wei Feng which cites Deutsche Telecom as the source. Interestingly, the German carrier also said that both models would be announced on September 19.

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JamshiJack1429d ago

seems that rumors coming true, finally Apple also jumping on the "Phablet" bandwagon , let's call it "iPhablet"...

neoragex1425d ago

I wouldn't use a phone as big as that. If you want to watch videos you can get a tablet. I'm not a huge fan of the side power button either. It's a new feature I'd never get used to. I don't know why we need thin phones. I like the iPhone 5S the way it is. The thickness, button placements, and the display size.

Sahil1425d ago

Steve Jobs was going to be so disappointed. After his death, 5 was looking worse than 4, and now if 6 looks like that, it will look worse than 5 and 4 together. Apple is just going down...