BREAKING NEWS: The BBC just made every app developer’s nightmare mistake with push notifications

It’s probably every developer’s worst nightmare, but if you work for the BBC, such mishaps tend to get seen by a lot more people.

The British broadcaster has a breaking news feature within its mobile News app, and you probably received some interesting ‘Breaking News’ earlier if you have the app installed on Android or iOS. Apparently, ‘Push sucks’ and ‘Pull blows’, and there will be no nudity in the next episode of Game of Thrones.

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neoragex1481d ago

At least the notification seems to be working!

neoragex1481d ago

Testing error or hacker? If it was the latter, I can imagine a panicked cover-up underway with an excuse of this type, given the BBC's past response to its own failings.

Sahil1481d ago

I think they probably meant that they left something open because they were testing, thereby allowing the hack to happen

neoragex1481d ago

Oh boy. I do hope they have a sense of humor at the BBC. Mistakes happen.