Google Glass Now Shipping with 2GB of RAM, Early Explorers Peeved

Maximum PC: Being an early adopter comes with its own set of risks and rewards, as some Google Glass "Explorers" are finding out. In a Google+ post today, the Mountain View firm announced that all new Glass orders will ship with 2GB of RAM. That's twice as much as the 1GB of RAM all previous Glass orders contained, and with no plans to upgrade existing users, some early adopters are feeling burned.

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neoragex1480d ago

Early adopters must have felt suffice with one gig of ram, cause if not, then they would have waited. The real dumb part of this article points out irrelevant information such as "Google glass updated with two gigs of ram", since Google glass will soon be updated with three gigs of ram and they will be crying wolf, all over again!

Sahil1480d ago

If you are an early adopter, you will either luck out and get something awesome, or more likely, you'll be stuck with an outdated and crippled version of the final product.

No one seems to understand the risks to being an early adopter. D-bags gonna D-bate.

neoragex1480d ago

Glass explorers peeved? Now they have a taste of what they've caused every non-glasshole to experience.

Sahil1480d ago

Somehow these people that feel the need to jump on bleeding edge technology have no concept of how fast technology changes. These people are just absurd, entitled, and flat out stupid.

neoragex1480d ago

Pretty normal for early adopters to feel peeved, isn't it?. They bought it and were happy with it till Google upgraded the device. I'd love to see every smartphone user do the same when the GS6 comes out a week after they purchased a GS5.

Sahil1480d ago

Does the douchebaggery never end?

Not only do these folks plunk down $1,500 on a product that screams, "I'm a douche", they also expect that product development should halt for a while?!?

I love the schadenfreude this generates and the uber doucheyness of them now wearing an obsoleted product.