New carbon battery slashes charging time from hours to minutes

Dou Kani, chief executive of Power Japan Plus, has announced a new battery technology that could make present-day lithium ion cells a thing of the past.

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Speed-Racer1440d ago

This is cool. I don't mind the same battery life, once I can charge up super fast.

Software_Lover1440d ago

Just give me a tesla, please!!!!!!!!

Crazyglues1440d ago

Yes, and please let me get one of the new ones that will have this new battery in it, so then I can really say goodbye to my gas station for good....

Pillsbury11440d ago

Just wait for the third gen (dubbed model E) to arrive in 2017 with a approximate 35,000$ price tag.

Audiggity1440d ago

For 10 years I've read countless articles on huge leaps in battery efficiency, reduced charge times, elimination of charge fatigue, etc... and yet, cell phones still drain like crazy and the same exact AA's I used in my toys as a kid go into my devices as an adult.

It makes me wonder - where do all of these revolutionary breakthroughs end up?

And the answer, as always, is to follow the money. Who loses money if batteries become 500% more efficient and take 15,000% less time to charge?

For small scale devices - battery manufacturers

For larger implications (cars/transit) - petroleum/fuel industries

You think this multi-billion dollar empires want to be side-stepped by innovation?

young juice1440d ago

this is true

but obviously such feats are technically possible and eventually someone will take advantage of the multi-billion dollar industries inability to innovate. forcing change and possibly destruction.

because if one thing is true its that no one can keep technology from advancing. these companies can try to ignore change but it might cause their downfall

FamilyGuy1440d ago (Edited 1440d ago )

You're ignoring the amount of energy that's required to power the devices of today. Everything has some super charged processor in it and those things use a lot more power than the cell phones from 17 years ago that you couldn't even text on because they didn't even have a screen.

Audiggity1440d ago

Your ignoring the fact that I know this :)

I'm talking about revolutionary battery/power/storage technologies that have been in working prototype stages for years. Most of these have been announced since the power hungry devices came to be.

And yet... our batteries root technology is the same, with slightly increased output/storage capabilities coming from lithium ion cells.

Let's put money on it. Haha. I bet these carbon batteries never see the light of day.

Audiggity1440d ago

And for the record - I hope I'm wrong this time!

ZoyosJD1440d ago

The problem is that we always here about the "advances" of a new technique, yet the downsides are always ignored unless your delving into the actual research yourself.

It's not really a breakthrough if your giving up one aspect to account for another.

The technique demonstrated here appears to have advantages and equivalents to common battery tech.

It may not be graphene, but the carbon tech research is clearly starting to bare fruit.

Pillsbury11440d ago

Change is going to come from the little guys, it is now the age of the upstart.

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gaffyh1440d ago (Edited 1440d ago )

This sounds incredible, a massive breakthrough that could shape the future!