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Here’s what 15 popular sites looked like 10+ years ago

Vyralize: Sites like Facebook and Google have become the powerhouses of the Internet. They are so big that they require server locations across multiple parts of the globe to support the quantity of traffic they receive on a daily basis. With the advent of CSS3 and HTML5, they also look pretty decent as well. Have you ever wondered where they started from though? Let’s take a look at 15 sites and their humble beginnings.

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gizmig1713d ago

Great post I must say! I have never bother to see what these popular websites look like at the time when I was unaware of if something like this exist too. But it really feel great to see the layout of them now.

Crazyglues1712d ago

Yeah it's pretty awesome to look back and see how far we have come...

The really amazing Question is what will these sites look like in the future, like 10 years from now?

-Now that I would really like to see..

gizmig1712d ago

Yeah that is really great to see that. Look at the Yahoo at that time and look at it now so much difference in it.

parentoftheyear1712d ago

I think its amazon how amazon hasn't really changed anything.

TechImperia1713d ago

All of these designs are very amusing.

Demoa1713d ago

man web designs were hideous back then

imXify1712d ago

Back when the internet was actually cool.

s45gr321712d ago

I don't know it was pretty slow back then;however, looking for codes was actually fun but the Internet was pretty limited back then

s45gr321712d ago started on 1994 wow. My how much better these websites look better now than back then

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