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Submitted by Speed-Racer 628d ago | news

Get ready for stun gun mounted drones

Vyralize: Drones are quickly becoming a part of our everyday lives to the point where even Amazon wants to use them to deliver goods to your house with them.

However the Chaotic Unmanned Personal Intercept Drone (CUPID), a Tarot hexacopter equipped with an 80,000-volt stun gun, isn’t exactly the kind of ‘package’ I want to receive. The folks at Chaotic Moon who developed CUPID said that it can be used to hunt down targets and stun them/keep them in a stunned state until the authorities can physically reach them. (Hi-tech)

TechImperia  +   628d ago
Great new tech for the authorities.
SilentNegotiator  +   627d ago abuse.
Azmatik  +   627d ago
How is it to abuse if lets say a murderer who killed 3 ppl is on the loose and the guy is found by this thing camping out right beside ur family and it stuns him till authorities get him so he cant hurt anyone elts?
SilentNegotiator  +   627d ago
So, your suggestion is that it swoops in and stops a murderer right before he makes to my family? Is this a drone or Superman? Is the murderer on foot or flying in a fashion in which cops in vehicles and on foot can't catch him? Or is the drone just patrolling and happens to stop a murderer?
Lord_Sloth  +   627d ago
If anything we'll see less Anti Black attacks if they're using Kinnect since it can't see them.
Azmatik  +   627d ago
Silentnegotiator. Your ignorance is just off the charts yes of corse im suggesting this thing is superman and swoops in and save the day -_- wow. I never said anything about murdering your family and yes fact still stands and possibility that this thing would be on patrol where a police officer is not at the time and stuns a wanted criminal, i am just stating definate possibilities meanwhile truth is these things will most likely never be used.
SilentNegotiator  +   627d ago
Then what IS the situation in your hypothetical suggestion?

You gave zero details. All you said was that there was a murderer near a family and he was stunned. What is the SITUATION in which the cops can't do it and need to send in a drone to subdue one person?
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Sarick  +   627d ago
Stun gun teach can be mostly defeated by clothing that has carbon fibers or steel mush in them. Even if they penetrate the skin the fibers create the circuit early.

Electricity normally the path of least resistance. If the cloths have these fibers they become something like a faraday cage. It would all but render these useless unless the heads injected sleeping drugs.
SilentNegotiator  +   627d ago
The average person does not have steel mesh or carbon fibers in their clothing, though.
Sarick  +   627d ago
That wasn't the point of my comment. I assumed that it would be obvious that most people wouldn't have mesh in their clothing. My statement wasn't about the average person.

My statement was that it could be mostly circumvented by wearing *SPECIAL* clothing. It's amazing that someone assumed I was talking like everyone had clothing like this in their closets.

When I made that comment I knew the average person didn't have or use these cloths. My point was to say that the stun tech could be mostly circumvented with the right countermeasures.

Maybe people who are invested in these drones don't want average citizens to know about conductive cloths. After all if criminals knew about this defense it wouldn't help promote products based around electrical stun tech.
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wannabe gamer  +   627d ago
stun guns have been around long enough that if criminals were going to do what you are suggesting it would have been done LONG before someone decided to strap a taser/stungun to a quadcopter.

thats like saying bullet proof vests were made popular by people attaching rifles to RC cars.
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Sarick  +   627d ago
Only people who expect to be shot at use bullet proof vest. The same would go for people who want some protection from stun guns.

Why is this hard to explain?

It's simple, the smart people will know easy ways around the stun weapons. The average person won't be looking for circumvention. It's upsetting that the generic counter discussions being created are borderline irrelevant to my original comment.

As for stun gun circumvention I saw news about it just a few days ago where someone posted using this type of special clothing. It's also worth noting that persons who've been convicted of a felony aren't legally allowed to wear bullet proof vest in most circumstances.

Case and point bullet proof vest are restricted so criminals aren't really allowed to equip them in most states. Look it up. There are no laws I'm aware of restricting the use of conductive clothing on criminals but, there are laws restricting them from using bullet proof vest.

With people carrying around stun guns. It news would scare them knowing that criminals can easily make themselves more resistant. I can see why it would instill fear or upset people.

The main point is that if the effectiveness of stun guns can be significantly reduced legally by wearing conductive clothing someone will abuse it.
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wannabe gamer  +   627d ago
this is the kind of BS that gives hoppy flyers a bad image and ruins a perfectly safe hobby for the ones NOT abusing these types of devices.
ajax17  +   627d ago
Oh, great. Now the police have more power to abuse! Yay...
Azmatik  +   627d ago
I would love to see you live in a world with no police SMH so much dissrespect for ppl who wake up every day and risk their lives to protect ppl like u who have no respect. Grow up
Vengeance1138  +   627d ago
Watch this thing send 80 000 volts through a little kid, who's playing with a plastic toy gun. You know it's gonna happen. Cops nearly gun down innocent kids with toy guns all the time. I'd feel far safer without their "help"
Spiewie  +   627d ago
anti stun gun jacket for the win lol.
1nsomniac  +   627d ago
Does this not go against the law that they brought in for drones & their domestic use?

I thought they weren't allowed to be weaponised for domestic use.

I feel bad for the Americans, it's embarrassing their government is absolutely publically pushing to violate their own people.

I think there would be some major riots here in the UK if this was even brought up for discussion.
SilentNegotiator  +   626d ago
The most embarrassing part was that we rallied around a guy who pretended to be all concerned about constitutional rights, rallied for rights of non-citizens (as he still spends half of his time doing, lately with foreign civil wars - something he made a massive to do about not doing), then created dozens of BS executive orders impacting the constitutional rights of almost can't blame those kooks who think that he's some sort of foreign muslim spy intent on harming America or whatever they think.
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1nsomniac  +   626d ago
your right, no wonder people are paranoid about him he's pushed through more anti-civil rights policies & kill commands then all previous presidents combined.

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