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A Free Version of Windows 8.1 Could Be Coming, But At What Cost

PowerLeveled | Looking to break out against the rise of Android and iOS tablets, as well as the falling costs of the Macintosh OSX platform, Microsoft is currently experimenting with a fully free version of Windows 8.1. What could this mean for the future of Windows - and Microsoft as a whole? (Microsoft, Software, Windows)

Stevefantisy  +   447d ago
This is an interesting concept for sure. Guess we will just have to wait and see what comes out of it for sure.
ROQFrost  +   447d ago
Windows 8 is bad and should have been free to begin with.
JoeIsMad  +   447d ago
No. No. Windows 8 - press the windows key. click. you're done.

There's no way that Windows 8 is bad, you just need to invest your time on it.
Magnus701  +   447d ago
This idea is bad and you should feel bad
ROQFrost  +   447d ago
Completely agree!
Hi3i  +   447d ago
Wheres the free apple
JoeIsMad  +   447d ago
Apple OSX isn't free, but it did just get a price drop. If you read the article you'll see that's kind of EXACTLY why they are working with the free option...
gizmig  +   447d ago
Don't know what made them think so that it will increase the usage of Windows 8.
gamernova  +   447d ago
They're doing it because Apple offers their OS for free.
JoeIsMad  +   447d ago
Apple's OS is only a free upgrade from the latest version of OSX. Windows already has the 8.1 update available for free to 8.0 users - which is effectively the same thing OSX is doing.
m2stech  +   446d ago
Id rather have win98 all over again than win8
ROQFrost  +   446d ago
Yeah. I agree. Direct X 7 was awesome!
pandehz  +   446d ago
Lol all the pirates here

Win 8 is easily MS' best OS.

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