Facebook to Buy WhatsApp for $16 Billion

Mashable : Facebook has entered into an agreement to acquire WhatsApp, the popular messaging app, for $16 billion in cash and stock, according to a filing Wednesday.

The deal is by far Facebook's largest acquisition to date and comes after rumors in late 2012 and early 2013 that Facebook and Google were vying to buy the messaging service.

According to the filing, Facebook has agreed to pay $12 billion in stock and $4 billion in cash for the company. If the deal doesn't go through, Facebook will pay a breakup fee of $1 billion to WhatsApp, which is still more than the total amount Facebook ended up paying to acquire Instagram.

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kingPoS1828d ago

Win win for who ever currently owns whatsapp, that indefinite retirement there.

gizmig1828d ago

Is it? How can you say that?

kamisama1828d ago

who the hell is going to blow through a billion dollars man no one thats who i can understand if you have billions of dollars how you can but if your given a billion dollars your not gonna just blow it

Baka-akaB1828d ago

i dunno , wihtout wasting it away , msot time those net mogul got such money , they reinvested a lot into trying to recreate a new venture and the original magic . Some always seeked the next big thing

mt1828d ago

It is not win I think it will be just like google buying youtube where they force you to connect google+ to youtube. google+ still a dead horse. and then they tried to control youtube. I think we will see this again with facebook/whatapp so I am expecting will hate whatsapp soon enough.

kingPoS1827d ago

Obviously facebook sees value in Whatsapp, so much that even if the deal doesn't go through, Jan Koum & Brian Acton still get to retire.

The information age, love or hate it can make people absurdly rich.

proudly_X1828d ago

more data for the NSA..

mike32UK1828d ago (Edited 1828d ago )

Cue NSA snooping...

Spiewie 1828d ago

I wonder what they want to do with it xD don't really see the reasoning behind this.

iSpy1828d ago

Reason is Snapchat..

MajorLazer1828d ago

Nooooo! I use Wa a lot. Please don't kill it

gizmig1828d ago

Including me. It will be a great loss as my old friends group is connected through WA.

Camza1828d ago

Doesn't he know you can download it for free?

Hohohohohoh I'm a such a joker.

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