IBM sets new speed record for Big Data

Kurzweil Accelerating Intelligence- IBM has announced it has achieved a new data-transmission advancement that will help improve Internet backbone speeds to 200 — 400 gigabits per second (Gb/s) at extremely low power.

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gizmig861d ago

Internet will reach at a new level with that speed. Also, as a developer I don't have to think much about how to minify things on my website.

Holeran860d ago

Indeed but how will the infrastructure deal with it?

Guitardr85860d ago

Same as with every new invention, build the infrastructure to accommodate it!

gizmig860d ago

For that I am not sure how it gonna act..:P

FinalomegaS860d ago (Edited 860d ago )

for practical use, i just want a faster internet streaming experience and zero lag when playing online games.

hesido860d ago (Edited 860d ago )

This is ridiculously fast..

To put things in perspective, 200 gigabits is 25 gigabytes per second. It's orders of magnitutes faster than local storage, and is the same as local RAM speed of previous gen consoles!

Such a tech, when widely used, has the potential to make many devices obsolete.

(edit: of course this is the backbone speed and will be divided among lots of clients, but it's super exciting, still)