Here’s an Air Hockey robot that you can’t beat

Vyralize: Using parts from a 3D printer, Jose Julio was able to build his very own robotic Air Hockey opponent, which he called the AHRobot.

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cyclindk1863d ago

Unplug it...

I win

Humans are superior

cyclindk1863d ago

Silence robot! You're one of them... aren't you...

Porcelain_Chicken1863d ago

"Humans are superior"

My ex-wife would beg to differ :(

badz1491863d ago

Forever Alone Guy would be like:


Spiewie 1863d ago

Challenge accepted xD just need a warm up

Soldierone1863d ago

I want one, where do I throw my money?

Soldierone1863d ago

Take it! Take all 32 cents I have to my name! Where is my air hockey table! :P

madara0sama1863d ago

Pretty sure you can win if you hit it faster then the robot can react. The people in the video are just going easy mode.

TwistedMetal1863d ago

I agree them chumps are wack. put someone like john conner on the table and watch him terminate the robot.