Don't panic, but that public Wi-Fi comes from ... inside your house

Daily Democrat- When Comcast asked Ronaldo Boschulte to swap out his malfunctioning broadband modem and Wi-Fi router with an all-new model late last year, he didn't know the Internet device was a high-tech Trojan horse of sorts.

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SilentNegotiator1839d ago (Edited 1839d ago )

That is not even **remotely** okay with me [prepare for rant or jump to TL;DR].

They claim that outside users should have "minimal impact", but there is absolutely no amount of impact that is okay for strangers using hardware inside of my own home. If I'm paying for *home* internet, NO STRANGERS WHATSOEVER get to use it.

They claim that home users won't be held responsible for illegal use of their router, but who the f**k are they kidding? If someone watches kiddie porn on your router, even if explicitly the public portion, you instantly become suspect #1 by investigators because you're the first and foremost person likely to have accessed your own router BECAUSE YOU LIVE 10 FEET FROM IT.

Say goodbye to your computers as the FBI hauls them away to be processed because you were unfortunate to have a pedophile drive-by your connection. Thank your creepy neighbors when the FBI starts sniffing around because you happen to live near a pedophile with public internet.

Don't want people using your internet for illegal stuff? Don't give your password to people you don't know well enough to know they won't do anything illegal with your internet connection.

And lastly, I don't want strangers parked outside of my house to use the internet.

It's a good thing you can opt out of this, but it's creepy that they even want to do this.

I don't want to pay for home internet and have complete strangers park outside of my house to watch illegal things that could get me on some FBI suspect list (because it's my router regardless of which connection gets used) and impact my internet speed (PR talk of "minimal impact" does not convince me). But you can opt out, so I'll be making sure that Comcast isn't doing this with my connection and then I'll go back to playing vidya games.

nohopeinc1838d ago

Way to be over dramatic about the whole FBI thing.

SilentNegotiator1838d ago (Edited 1838d ago )

If the FBI thinks that you might have a bunch of illicit videos with children, they're going to raid your home and keep tabs on you for some time. There's nothing over dramatic about what I said.

nohopeinc1838d ago

It is dramatic because this has been happening for some time and have you or anyone you know experienced the event you described?

Also I find it incredibly suspicious that the first place you go is "somebody else will be DLing and viewing kid porn on my internet"

SilentNegotiator1838d ago (Edited 1838d ago )

This hasn't been going on THAT long; a few short months. I'm not even sure Comcast is doing this in all areas yet.

And what's with the "suspicious" comment? Just looking for another way to discredit someone you disagree with? There isn't exactly a lot of other internet usage situations where the FBI would raid homes; I'm more worried about that than a terrorist just happening to use my internet or getting sued a few thousand over some piracy (And in that situation, I wouldn't be held liable and companies being SUSPICIOUS of me isn't a problem - unlike if a government agency became suspicious of someone).