So Yeah, Black Holes Dont Exist After All

WCCF: What if we told you Black Holes dont really exist, scientists have recently discovered a Light Emitting 'Black Hole' called ULX-1 which means its back to the drawing board for Black Hole theories.


misleading title

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FamilyGuy1667d ago (Edited 1667d ago )

These guys are so stupid.

Those things they've been calling "black holes" are actually just matter absorbing engines on very large alien space ships. And when I say "very large" I mean so astronomically large that they seem to be staying in place because of their magnitude.

Trust me, this one is just a newer model with a more efficient engine.

Tsuru1668d ago

Black holes are something that we haven't really been able to understand and study fully. Just because something happened for the first time, and we havent seen before, doesnt really mean they don't exist. Everything we know and have seen though seems to point to the fact that they DO exist.

xharrypotterx1668d ago

If it is a neutron star then its not a Black Hole. And the new information is parallel to the Neutron Star extension NOT a Black Hole. So if it is Crystal Star what we observe will remain the same, but essentially Black Holes WONT exist.

blackmanone1666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )

Edited, please disregard.

blackmanone1668d ago

Once again a terrible title meant to confuse and generate clicks. Yes, black holes still exist, we just learned something new about one.

360ICE1668d ago (Edited 1668d ago )

I agree that the title is a little misleading, but it looks like it was based on the quote in the article by George Chapline.

Also, if what the article claims is true (still looking into the sources), it means that the current black hole theory is flawed - not just that we learned something new about a black hole.

blackmanone1666d ago

360ICE, so you're telling me this article has found proof that black holes don't exist? That's exactly what the title would have you believe.

coolbeans1668d ago

"So first of all, a clarification. When i say Black Holes don’t exist at all, I do not mean that there is nothing there where known Black Holes exist. Simply that our model of Black Holes is flawed to such an extent that they simply are not what we think they are."

I can't stand when they hook you in with the title and then put on the brakes for "clarification."

360ICE1665d ago

Well, the article is an inanimate body of text, and can't really find proof per se...

No, but what this article does, is trying to say that the finding, made by other people than the writer himself, isn't compatible with the current black hole theory. So in some sense, black holes don't exist as we currently know them.

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