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Sony says PlayStation Now will require a DualShock controller

Geek- Sony’s big gaming news this week is confirmation that its Gaikai acquisition back in 2011 is turning into an important future business venture in the form of PlayStation Now. Sony hopes that PS Now unlocks PlayStation gaming on just about every platform you can think of, including TVs, mobile devices, and anything “new to market” they care to support in the future.

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SniperControl1561d ago

Well of course you are, imagine playing God of War on a tablet with touch controls or playing Killzone 3 with the TV remote..... Just ain't gonna happen.

ajax171561d ago

This is so unnecessary.

kornbeaner1561d ago

How so? Requiring a Dualshock will ensure that no extra control schemes will need to be programmed into an existing game. I am bummed that this does seem to mean vita remote play won't be supported, but I think to get the best experience possible a dualshock should be used.

ajax171561d ago

oops, i meant the article

Xer0_SiN1561d ago

well how else are we gonna play? with hopes and dreams? get real guy!

(in response to the article)

kornbeaner1561d ago

They mention DS3 as the controller of choice. I wonder if that is just a slip of the Mind (we are on DS4) or if they know of a future patch were we will be able to use our existing DS3's on a PS4?

Wintersun6161561d ago

It makes sense because it will be used for streaming PS3 games. DS4 does work on most PS3 games, but not all of them. For example GTAV won't recognize any button presses from the DS4 but Uncharted 3 and Ni No Kuni work just fine with it, when playing on a PS3.

MajorLazer1561d ago

What a useless article..

Lolrus1561d ago

In other news, cereal requires milk....

SilentNegotiator1560d ago

I'm eating dry bran flakes right now and no one can stop me!

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