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McLaren to replace windshield wipers with a force field of sound waves

Geek- Buy any car today, regardless of make, model, or cost, and they’ll all have one thing in common: windshield wipers. They are a necessity, both by law and the fact you need them to be able to drive safely when it is raining. But if McLaren has its way, we could soon see cars that no longer require them.

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SJIND1622d ago

I wonder what sort of effect this will have on wildlife?

Speed-Racer1622d ago

You're not serious, right?

SJIND1622d ago

This operates at 30kHZ, Humans can only hear upto 20kHz. But dogs and cats can hear upto 60kHz.

Speed-Racer1621d ago (Edited 1621d ago )

I'm pretty sure the sound of the exhaust and engine alone would drown out the sound emitted from the 'wiper'.

I think mechlord summarized it properly as well below.

FamilyGuy1621d ago

It's odd that they're using sound, wouldn't air or hot air work better?

As far as animals are concerned: it's probably been tested already and might just make a few dogs bark at you in the rain, doubt it'll hurt them though.

mechlord1621d ago

not even that. wipers are more commonly used when on the move. you wouldn't be near an animal long enough to harm him...because you're on the move and it's friggin raining

Soldierone1622d ago

I personally think it's smarter to go with a coating that keeps water off like the nowet spray that is clear.

Mainly because this won't prevent snow and debris from hitting the windshield, and then you won't have anything to wipe that stuff off.

Jihaad_cpt1621d ago

Under heavy rain that wouldnt really help. Seems silly but lets see what they do

Dasteru1621d ago (Edited 1621d ago )

Most technological breakthroughs seem silly until someone does it, then it becomes normal.

100 years ago the thought of people being able to travel to the moon would have been laughed at. 150 years ago people would probably have thought the idea of a TV was silly.

Why o why1621d ago

Concepts and things that wouldn't currently work are 2 different things. Heavy rain would be dangerous to tackle with coating alone. A combo of the two, wipers and coating, may be the next logical step.

SilentNegotiator1621d ago


There are also a lot of dumb inventions that try to reinvent the wheel that seem silly because they are silly.

Dasteru1621d ago


The wheel has been reinvented and it works.

SilentNegotiator1620d ago (Edited 1620d ago )

A tire is a type of wheel. They improved the tire, not reinvented the wheel.

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mechlord1621d ago

the article clearly says it will work on snow...even crushed bugs

Soldierone1621d ago

Only while the car is on, not when the car gets frosted and snow piles on it. Or other debris like parts of the bug that are not crushed, dust, dirt, branches. I live in a desert, there is a lot more stuff stuck to my windshield that I used the wipers for than water.

What happens when it rains, drys, then you get in? Will it just vibrate all that collected dust and dried water spots off?

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1621d ago

They should use peanut butter. Works for me!