20 million surveillance cameras in China rendered almost useless thanks to smog

Vyralize: Looks like China’s smog problem is finally becoming an issue for their government.

China’s worsening smog situation has become so bad that the 20 million surveillance cameras they’ve installed nationwide may have gone to waste. Scientists now say that smog has become so bad that visibility is sometimes reduced to mere meters. Smog has always been a problem for the Chinese government because it has made surveillance more difficult by the day, but they have ignored the situation by classifying the smog as ‘fog’.

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NarooN1684d ago

Lol. Of course they 'ignore' the situation...just like they 'ignore' many others...

That-Guy1684d ago

Oh no, no surveillance on the citizens. Only now is this an issue for them.

Tzuno1684d ago (Edited 1684d ago )

Time to rob that store full of consoles and video-games. :) who was it?...the smog!!! hoe nooo!!!

ChrisW1684d ago

Why would you want to do that? Almost all of the consoles that are sold in China are knock offs with cheap crappy games.

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The story is too old to be commented.