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Apple's 13-inch iPad Scheduled for March 2014

Gadgetgyaan: Rumors are going on that Apple 13-inch tab is under the hood at foxconn and the Apple team is working on it currently and the code name for this product of Apple will be "iPad Maxi" where the maxi surely indicates the size (Apple, Gadgets, iPad)

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sham  +   544d ago
Isn't that too big?
Gadgetgyaan  +   544d ago
Seems to be
Speed-Racer  +   543d ago
Please refrain from posting multiple comments to artificially inflate the heat
GameSpawn  +   543d ago

It's coming true I tell you. You'll all want the iPad Mini Mega Micro Max too.
Baka-akaB  +   543d ago
Ehhh finally . While obviously in the minority , and because of a shallow reason (mainly reading comics and manga scans) , i've been rooting for tablets over 10" for a while now
sham  +   544d ago
That ll surely cost a lot
Gadgetgyaan  +   544d ago
In order to survive in the tablet market the price would be kept reasonable
MrEmeralddragon  +   543d ago
This is Apple we're talking about right? I dont see it being that reasonably priced.
pandehz  +   543d ago
Lol 3 inch tab?

Why not go for a powerful laptop?
Gadgetgyaan  +   543d ago
Portability could be the main reason and iPad would be detachable and the CPU architecture will allow you to do more on that large display
Emme  +   543d ago
Where is that newsworthy ? That rumour was floating around since may, and whats the nonsense with 64bit and retina display ? I mean thats like saying new cars will probably have 4 wheels and an engine.
nzbleach  +   543d ago
If cell phones can go big, i'm sure anything possible
Chard  +   543d ago
A maxi pad?
I hope this one has stylus support
proudly_X  +   543d ago
Too large, Apple has suddenly lost ideas...

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