22 Key Moments From Xbox 360 History

ThatNaijaBlog - The Xbox 360 came as an underdog and solidified its brand recognition in the hearts of gamers and developers across the gaming world. No doubt, the original Xbox which was released in 2001 was an embarrassing attempt to challenge the dominance of Sony’s PlayStation 2.

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mushroomwig1420d ago

'PlayStation 3 was delayed to September of 2006.'

November, not September.

Nocando1420d ago

Why did you feel you had to point that out?

LackTrue4K1420d ago

why did you feel, that you had to point "that" out....about pointing stuff out?!?

Nocando1420d ago

Because you Sony fanboys are so insanely vigilant on any site for the merest slight on your beloved brand. It truly sickens me.

proudly_X1420d ago

Absolutely right Mushroom. I guess that was a typo, because everyone knows the PS3 released in November ;).

its been fixed,

FRAKISTAN1420d ago Show
dilawer1420d ago

Well, the Xbox 360 had an exceptional journey! MS really nailed it with the 360 I hope they do the same with Xbox One though it would be fairly difficult.

Majin-vegeta1420d ago

Nailed it the first 3 years then just let it flop around like a Magikarp.

dilawer1420d ago

You're wrong! Actually it did flop around for the first 3 years I'd say with all the hardware issues but finally it evolved into a beast...Gyarados. :D

iliimaster1420d ago

this console no doubt had flaws, but it introduced me to talking with a mic against people in multiplayer and I was hooked, the friendships i was able to make playing these games playing gears 1-2,borderlands 1, I gotta say gave me some of the best gaming memories I have.