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The coldest place in the Universe

Vyralize: Astronomers have found a nebula which is colder than the emptiness of space- a planetary nebula 5000 light years from Earth. (Culture)

dilawer  +   310d ago
I wonder if the Penguins would love it there. Specially, the Penguins of Madagascar. xD
RBlue_Desire  +   310d ago
happy slappers.
GreetingsEarthlings  +   310d ago
"Just smile and wave, boys"
RE_L_MAYER  +   310d ago
Too bad im gonna die before we can international space travel
Timmey  +   309d ago
you mean interstellar :D
blupeblupe  +   310d ago
That's nothing compared to the ice-cold refreshment of a Coors Light!
GreetingsEarthlings  +   310d ago
Now that's cold!
MrEmeralddragon  +   306d ago
Thats Rocky Mountain Cold
ChrisW  +   310d ago
Seems like a great place to go to beat the heat and sloooooow down, yah know, because it's almost 0 Kelvin.
Pogmathoin  +   310d ago
Funny its red, thought that meant hot...
JustInTlME  +   310d ago
Big misconception by most of the people on this planet. Red is more in the middle in regards to heat and color. Not at all "hot".
Pogmathoin  +   309d ago
I know, but red is not cold. Also just a general observation, no need to belittle people...
GenericNameHere  +   310d ago
And to think, there are still a lot more undiscovered galaxies and nebulas that are way colder! Sometimes, I wish I was born in the future, where we finally have all these b!itchin' space technology and get to make love with aliens from other universes. But sometimes, it's cool living in the present. We get to see and experience these innovations happen that future scientists and technologists will improve on.
FukMuhammad  +   310d ago
It may be cold there but my ex is colder.
king650  +   310d ago
looks more like skull of gruntilda than a boomerang
steve30x  +   309d ago
Give it time and they will probably find some place that's even colder
pandehz  +   309d ago
Sounds like a chilled out place bro
coolbeans  +   309d ago
Looks like a kickice place.

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