Bill Gates Wants Real Madrid to Play at the 'Santiago Bernabeu Microsoft' According to El Confidencial (source in Spanish), Bill Gates is in talks with the club to put his company's name above the lights at the Bernabeu, in a project that is scheduled to begin in summer 2016.

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KingPin1335d ago

i dont know any madrid fan that would want this.

SniperControl1334d ago

What a douche, I hate that Arsenal's stadium is called the Emirates, or that Newcastle's St James Park is now called the sports arena.
What is next burger king stadium or aldi arena!

SilentNegotiator1334d ago

LOL, "Aldi Arena"
That's brilliant!

SouthClaw1334d ago

Ill agree because its funny but I want to disagree because it would be so bad

mynameisq1334d ago

Pretty sure they changed it back to St James Park.
Haha Aldi Arena and Poundland Park! Quality

dilawer1334d ago

Well, that's a totally lame attempt by Microsoft. If Madrid agrees with it then they many fans will lose their respect for the club.

PS. I Love Barca! 2-1 Yeaaaah! suck iiiit! xD

KingPin1326d ago

"PS. I Love Barca! 2-1 Yeaaaah! suck iiiit! xD"

you must've been waiting an entire year to say that :P