Android is more secure than iOS. Did anyone know that?

Vyralize: Currently there’s no mobile operating system that’s in more consumers hands than Google’s Android. That being said, no mobile operating systems have more issues with Malware than Android. However, according to Google’s Eric Schmidt, Android is more secure than iOS. Bet you didn’t see that one coming, did you?

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Crazay1654d ago

I did not know this but I'm not terribly surprised.

ChrisW1654d ago

And iOS is more secure than Windows...

It's called the "user base" to the "incentive to hack" ratio!!!

shivvy241653d ago

Wow I didnt know this , I get so many porn ads popping up on my android its getting annoying ! Probz cause I watch it

nirwanda1653d ago

There's alot more moblies always on than pcs I would guess.
And I bet google wallet or stealing itunes credit would be a pretty big incentive to hack.

SilentNegotiator1653d ago

Oh that's right, iPhone isn't popular enough to create malware for. If only it were constantly one of the 1st-2nd most popular brand of phone in the last 6 years.


dilawer1654d ago

I also didn't know this, it's great to know. Take that Apple fanboys!
Android: 1,000,000,000 Apple: 1 Gold iPhone

SilentNegotiator1654d ago (Edited 1654d ago )

So that's all it takes? A Google rep claiming it is with no elaboration?

I love android, but everyone knows that Android has more issues with Malware. People run into the Candy Crush redirect on these sites constantly. That major Android security loophole caused a massive scare this summer (which turns out was around for 4 years and could affect 99% of Android devices). Google Play has a lot of malware-laced software.

kevnb1654d ago

I had candy crush redirects on my iPhone...

Kayant1654d ago (Edited 1654d ago )

"That major Android security loophole caused a massive scare this summer (which turns out was around for 4 years and could affect 99% of Android devices)". In defend that bug was only going to work if you had the *unknown sources* option unchecked which most android users wouldn't because they don't download apps outside the playstore. And if you downloaded apps from reputable sites like XDA, Androidpolice then you were still quite safe.

Yh agreed a google rep saying this is not going to be completely true or helpful but in my early days where I used to pirate apps quite a bit I never was affected by malware.

SniperControl1654d ago

Oh really? Wish somebody at google would sort the frickin candy crush redirect everytime I surf the web on my tablet!

vegnadragon1654d ago

When it comes to security, candy crush is the least on my mind.

blackmanone1654d ago (Edited 1654d ago )

I'm a big android fan, and not a big apple fan, but even I have trouble believing this. Android is open source, Apple is as closed source as an OS can get. I don't see how that's anywhere close to possible.

Petro1653d ago

And here comes the proof, this is list of vulnerabilities:

Android has 6 holes 2013

iOS has 86 holes 2013

nirwanda1653d ago

You exploit one loop hole in a closed sorce and you can target everyone, do the same in a more fragmented environment and its less likely to be effective.
So a hacker would rather target everyone in one swoop rather than have to modify for lots of variants.

LordDhampire1654d ago

Yeah, I wouldn't believe this normally, but google does alot of stuff and usually knows what they are talking about......they are the source to all answers on the internet

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The story is too old to be commented.