How to Remove Sponsored Ads in uTorrent

WhatsWithTech- uTorrent is one of the popular P2P clients which is used by people to download torrent files and has everything which a good torrent application must have. But one thing which every torrent user hate about this application is those annoying apps which comes as an unwanted addition because it’s a freeware program.

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dilawer1301d ago

Great tutorial! Always wanted to know that! Adblock didn't work on Utorrent!

Settler1300d ago

Previously I was also try Adblock and failed, but now I'm glad that I found this great tutorial and this work for me :D

dilawer1300d ago

yeah no adblocking software could do this.

pompombrum1301d ago

Lol I'm still using an old version of utorrent and glad I still have the installer for that one too. The latest version is awful.


Yep true, even the desing looks like sth from the 90s.

GentlemenRUs1301d ago

Meh... They just sold out.

JonahNL1300d ago

Yes, because it's not like they needed the money or anything to keep supporting a program that was totally free for years or anything.

Parapraxis1300d ago

Easiest/best way is to download install 2.2.1 of uTorrent, the last version before it started going to s**t.