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AMD Mantle – A DirectX 11 Alternative

HardwarePal : AMD has announced a new alternative to DirectX 11 called Mantle. For some time now AMD and Crytech have been complaining about how Microsoft’s API is limiting today’s GPU potential and by the look of it, it appears that AMD has had enough of it.

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Miskonius1669d ago (Edited 1669d ago )

Yeah i remember when Cevat Yerli from Crytek complained about Microsoft's DirectX. I guess we will have a revolution.

KingPin1669d ago

thats awesome news.
a new open source APIs for game developers and GPU manufacturers. this can only be a good thing coz people within the industry will be contributing to this on a daily/monthly basis.

Sy_Wolf1668d ago

It's a great idea, but proprietary and only works on AMD GPUs with the GCN architecture so implementation seems like it will be limited.

africanos231668d ago

If Amd joins forces with Nvidia this will be console like gaming. No need changing hardware to play games.

wishingW3L1668d ago

I wouldn't count on it. Particularly Nvidia which only makes GPUs and if people stop buying newer GPUs because their old one can still max out modern games very easily then it'll be trouble for them.