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The utter failure that was the BBM cross platform launch

Vyralize: If you were excited like me to try out BBM on your Android or iPhone, then take that excitement and place it in a bag, beat the crap out of it and throw it into the dumpster. At least that’s how my excitement felt after seeing the utter failure of BBM’s launch this weekend gone.

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KingPin1910d ago

who needs BBM. android has a bunch of chat apps that are cross platform. BBM is still trying to stay valid in everyones lives and this is them holding on by their fingertips. no thanks BB. take BBM and shove it.

Tiqila1910d ago (Edited 1910d ago )

well I thought whatsapp is the only way to go, but that was until I saw BBM which looks really awesome. If it would work properly that is.

EDIT: one of the features that interest me is the multi-chat one where you can invite people to a conversation. Thats not possible with whatsapp.

mynameisq1910d ago

What? you can invite multiple people to a convo on WhatsApp

KingPin1910d ago


in whatsapp you can create groups with multiple friends and friends and add friends in that same group.

you need to play around with whatsapp more.
in whatsapp -> menu -> new groups. follow wizard.

Tiqila1909d ago

thx KingPin, didnt know that (obviously)

TemplarDante1910d ago

BBM is no longer relevent.

ironfist921910d ago

What the hells BBM and why is the author excited about it?